Thursday, October 6, 2011

BeRn PaRk

Ok, here we go. I'm gonna give it my best shot to update this 2-3 time a week, I do have another "family" blog that has superiority over this one, but we'll give it a shot.

It really doesn't get any better than this....a morning at the Bern park....lunch.... and 6 TIRED children ready for a siesta. I didn't even get pictures of the best part of the whole day. When we were loading up I told everyone that they were NOT allowed to sleep on the way home....soon they started to pretend like they were sleeping and I would open the van windows-(and if you remember how windy it was that day) the wind would come blowing in like crazy....lots and lots of giggles later we were back in Sabetha. It's these kind of laied back days that I feel like I've done my job the best. No schedule to follow, nothing to do but play at the park and eat lunch. In a society that hurries, hurries and hurries up to hurry some more-I think its important for our kiddos to JUST SLOW DOWN A BIT.

One last thing, this is a sneak peak into a day at Ginas not a judgment on punctuation and spelling....enjoy the picts. Show these to your kids, this is one reason I'm doing this so they can tell you what fun we have. We really do have alot of fun-I'm so blessed to have great parents and kiddos to work with. No, every day is not sunshine, roses and ponies but all in all we DON'T have alot of rotten days.

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